Core Pilates with Resistance Band Workout

Core Pilates with Resistance Band Workout

This Bitesize Pilates session focuses on building core strength using a resistance band. Think of your band as being your core muscles. The heavier the resistance of the band, the less you will work your core and the more you will work your arms and legs. The lighter the resistance, the more you will work your core and the less your arms and legs.

Just by changing the resistance of the band you can alter the training effect of this Pilates session. Try it with different resistance and see how it feels.
And of course, you don’t need to use a band at all, you can do this whole video without the band if you so wish.

If you like using small equipment in your Pilates practice take a look at
Leg and glutes with mini ball and
Bitesize Pilates with activation band

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