Epic Music | “The Resistance” by Jo Wandrini (Epic Heroic Music)

Epic Music | "The Resistance" by Jo Wandrini (Epic Heroic Music)

►Epic Music | “The Resistance” by Jo Wandrini (Epic Heroic Music)

▸ Name: The Resistance
▸ Artist: Jo Wandrini
▸ Genres : Epic / Cinematic / Heroic
▸ Link to music: https://bit.ly/3zEUF7Z

▸ Name: Roofs fight
▸ Artist: Igor Artyomenko
▸ Link to artwork: https://bit.ly/3zF18jo

►Majestic music that needs no words!
• Epic orchestral music & fun background music & emotional music, as well as many other offshoots of epic, emotional, dramatic, adventure, fantasy, heroic, cinematic music – each track is unique, the original soundtrack is majestic, instrumental music!

►Music Collection (original tracks) [Playlist]: https://bit.ly/3cvn4lw

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