Global cooperation, social impact and the role of trust

Global cooperation, social impact and the role of trust

Interview with Jason Rhys Parry, Senior Content R&D at Sapienship, the global social impact company founded by Yuval Noah Harari and Itzik Yahav, and headed by Naama Avital. Sapienship’s mission is to focus global attention on the most important collective challenges facing the world today, through entertainment, education, and investments.

In this interview, Jason talks about an old mechanism for academics to build trust, the footnote, and the damaging effect hiding scientific work behind paywalls has on public access to information. Global cooperation did produce unintended positive effects on global warming as he explains the Montreal Protocol did by storing billions of tonnes of carbon stored in plants that would otherwise be in the atmosphere. He talks about the “replication crisis” in science, flawed studies, experiments that fail to replicate, the effect of too much media attention, and a lack of self-criticism and self-evaluation. And about the cost of averting climate breakdown: the “2%-More-Rule”: if humanity invests just an extra 2% of Global GDP in developing eco-friendly technologies and infrastructure every year, this would be enough to prevent catastrophic climate change.

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