Insulin Resistance The Root Of All Modern Diseases | Dr. Shawn Baker & Dr. Chris Palmer

Insulin Resistance The Root Of All Modern Diseases | Dr. Shawn Baker & Dr. Chris Palmer

Christopher M. Palmer, MD, received his medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine and completed his internship and psychiatry residency at McLean Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. He is currently the director of the Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at McLean Hospital and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. For over 20 years, Dr. Palmer’s clinical work has focused on treatment resistant cases, and recently he has been pioneering the use of the ketogenic diet in psychiatry, especially treatment resistant cases of mood and psychotic disorders. You can find Dr. Palmer at, IG:, Twitter:, Youtube:, and FB:

00:00 Introduction
02:52 Mental disorders as metabolic disorders of the brain
09:13 Insulin resistance and mental illness
12:23 Role of serotonin in mental health
17:25 Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar, and ketogenic diets
21:08 Diet and mental health
25:55 Metabolic labs for mental illness
31:12 Obesity and mental health disorders
33:30 Ketogenic diets and seizures, fasting, authophagy
35:38 Serum cholesterol, suicidality, violent crime
40:54 Alzheimer’s disease and brain insulin resistance
44:50 Younger people getting diagnosed with mental disorders
47:26 Mental illness in society
52:46 Exogenous ketones

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