Putin’s Meaningless Excuses Don’t Stop! The Heroic Resistance of the Ukrainian People Upset Him

Putin's Meaningless Excuses Don't Stop! The Heroic Resistance of the Ukrainian People Upset Him

Vladimir Putin is afraid of the Ukrainian people! Russian President Vladimir Putin has again started making excuses. Attacking the Ukrainian people, Vladimir Putin complains that the heroic Ukrainian people are defending themselves. The excuses of Vladimir Putin, who has been complaining all the time without stopping since the beginning of the war, do not stop. This time, he also complained about the Ukrainian people’s self-defense with their own weapons and blamed the Ukrainian government. “Do not make your own citizens use weapons. Fight with us your soldiers! We can’t figure out which is a soldier and which is a civilian.”He kept making ridiculous excuses by saying. Vladimir Putin also said that there would be consequences for this, but no one understood what he was talking about. There is only one country that has already invaded Ukraine, and that is Russia. What could have been more consequential? Vladimir Putin clearly wants an easy invasion win, but the heroic Ukrainian army will not allow it.

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